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How do I remove projects my team is no longer working on?
How do I remove projects my team is no longer working on?

You can archive your projects, saving their records but removing them from the list of available projects.

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If your team is no longer working on a project you probably don't want it taking up space on your projects list when logging your time.

Going through an impossibly big projects list can take much valuable time that you and your teammates could be spending in better ways!

However, you don't want to delete these projects and lose all their hours information, right?

For these cases, we suggest using our archiving feature:

  1. Select one or more projects from the Projects Management page, or click on a project's name to visit its project detail page;

  2. Click the Edit button;

  3. An option to Archive your projects will appear right next to the option to Delete;

  4. Click on the Archive button, and the button will change to Unarchive, allowing you to go back on your action whenever you wish;

  5. Click on the Update button;

  6. Your projects are now archived and can be accessed through the Projects Management page and unarchived whenever you need.

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