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How can I add notes to my records?
How can I add notes to my records?

Include additional details in your time entries such as the tasks you've completed, new findings, meetings, among others

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Whenever you need additional granularity in your records, you can use notes to add more details and information to your logs.

You can use notes while creating and editing records on all platforms.

On Slack

After hitting the SAVE button on your check-in, the Add notes button is displayed right next to the Edit button. After clicking this button, a pop-up window will allow you to add notes to each one of your time entries for that date.

On Teams

On MS Teams, the Notes field is available next to each record. You can write your notes in that field and they will be saved with the records.

On the Report Center

You can add notes whenever you create or edit records on the Report Center by using the Notes field in front of each record.

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