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Why can't I log time through the Report Center?
Why can't I log time through the Report Center?

What could be causing the "Failed to update record" error message?

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Adding a past date

Are you trying to edit a past date on your Report Center but can't click on the date record? Are you getting a "Failed to update record" error message when you hit the Save button?

If you replied Yes to any of these questions, it may be because the date you're trying to add is before your team added NikaTime. It's only possible to log time through the Report Center on dates after NikaTime has been added to your team.

Is your account active for time tracking?

You have made sure to click on a date after NikaTime was added to your team, but are still unable to log time?

That may be because your account might be inactive for time tracking. One of your team's admins will be able to check if you are active for time tracking and activate you in case you aren't, through the Team Members page.

Checking if you are logged in with the correct account

Sometimes, users have duplicate accounts on Slack due to a previous account having been deleted. Even though admins activated an account under your name, it may not be the one you are currently using.

Check with your admins if they have activated the correct account. They can search for your name on the Team Members page, and deleted accounts will have "Deleted" under the Type column:

If the correct account is active, you can log out and log back in, making sure to select the correct account when doing so.

None of the Above

If none of these apply and you are having trouble logging time through NikaTime's web interface, please contact us through the chat bubble or email us.

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