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How will you handle my private data?
How will you handle my private data?

A simple summary of what data we collect and what we do with it

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We take your privacy and security of your data seriously and adhere to GDPR rules on personal data. Here are the key points of how we handle your data:

  • We store the Slack or Teams ID of everyone in your team, and we use it to run the bot and generate reports. A user's Slack ID looks like this: U02F594P1, while a Teams ID looks like this: f3465bdd-a745-41e2-789a-a453653d4326.

  • We don't store any personal information (name, email, avatar, etc.). Instead, we request that data from Slack or Microsoft every time we need to display it. We also use Slack and Microsoft's authentication system and don't store your credentials.

  • We share your name and email with Intercom, which uses it to operate the live chat support tool and some email marketing, such as sending you an email when your trial is about to expire.

  • We also share anonymized data with Google Analytics to better understand traffic and usage patterns.

  • By consenting to this, you'll be giving us access to data from all members of your team.

  • We will not use your data for any purpose that you do not consent to.

For more detailed information, please read our full Privacy Policy

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