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How can I log all the missing days in bulk?
How can I log all the missing days in bulk?

Fill gaps of multiple empty days easily, without having to enter them individually

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If you've been away on time off for a few days or forgot to answer NikaTime's check-in messages for a long time, or if you're a manager and some of your teammates have several missing days, you probably have several consecutive days with no logs that you need to fill in.

Here's how to solve it!

Bulk add records in the Report Center

  1. Go to the NikaTime Report Center and find the missing days in the calendar view.

  2. Click on the days you wish to add (you can select days from more than one team member).

  3. A bottom bar will display two options, click on the Add option.

  4. Add the records you wish!

If you select logs that already have records, the projects you add on the bulk edit will be added to the existing records.

Schedule time off on Slack

Although you won't be scheduling time off, you can use this feature to log previous long periods of time off in the past directly on your chat with NikaTime.

Through the More Actions button, or by typing and sending help in your chat with NikaTime, you can access the Schedule Time Off button and follow the instructions.

If the time off type you selected allows for Date range, you will be able to select a start and end date for your time off.

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