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How do I create and edit projects?
How do I create and edit projects?

Learn how to create, edit, and merge your team's projects

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If you're an admin or have been given the right permissions, you'll be able to create and edit projects.  Here are a few different ways to do so.

Creating and managing projects in your team's Report Center

The best way to manage projects is to do it from the Projects Management page, where you can browse a list of the projects that exist, see who created them and how many work hours they've each accumulated. Click the New Project button to create a new project.

To edit an existing project, tick the box on the left row, and click the Edit button. This method allows you to edit the name as well as other project properties. It also allows you to perform actions such as archive and delete projects.

Note: the same Edit button exists in other places throughout your reports center, such as the Project Detail page, which you can get to by clicking the project name anywhere.

Merging projects

Select the project you wish to be merged into another and click the Merge button right beside the Edit button. Then select the project into which you wish to merge the first project and click Merge.

When you merge a project into another one, all the work hours that were assigned to the first project are transferred to the second project and the first one is deleted.

Everyone who worked on either one of the projects will be notified next time they log into Slack.

Note: The contracted hours from the first project will be lost, if you wish to add them up, you will need to do it manually.

Creating projects in Slack

When entering your work log you'll see a button to add a new project (assuming you have permission to do so). Clicking it will open a dialog where you can name your project and enter other project attributes.

You can also use the command add project followed by the project name. Type multiple comma-separated names to quickly create several projects.

Valid examples:
add project Name of the Project
add project First Project, Second Project, Third One

Creating projects in Teams

Similarly to Slack, you can use the command add project followed by the project name.

Who can create and manage projects?

Admins can edit any project, anytime. If your Team Settings allow any user to manage projects, non-admin users will be able to edit the projects they've worked on and create new ones.

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