How is my bill calculated?

Understand how our prorated billing and billing cycles allow you to pay only for the users you wish to track.

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NikaTime charges you per active user per month. Active users are team members who are activated for NikaTime's time tracking. Admins can toggle their team members ON and OFF on the Team Members page. This means that, if your team has 50 members on Slack or Teams, but only 7 of them are activated for NikaTime's tracking, you will only pay the subscription for 7 people.

When does NikaTime charge me?

You get charged at the beginning of the billing cycle for the number of active users in your NikaTime account. Any adjustments during that month, due to activating and deactivating users, are reflected in the following month's invoice as a charge or credit.

About our prorated billing

If you add a new user to your paid subscription in the middle of the month or billing cycle, you will only get charged for the time that that person was active, be it 2 hours or 29 days.

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