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How do I add or edit logs for past dates?
How do I add or edit logs for past dates?

Learn to add a missing day and edit what was entered before

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NikaTime will remind you if you skip a day, but you can also proactively enter that missing day or edit any previous date.

If you are a NikaTime admin, you can also edit your teammate's records through the Report Center.

Editing past logs on Slack

If you want to add or edit a log for a past date, you can use the log command followed by the date. Here are some valid examples:

log yesterday
log 2016-03-29 

You can also use the help command or click on any More Actions button to access the Log hours and Schedule time off features:

By selecting a date and hitting Log hours, you will receive a common check-in message for the selected date.

If you choose to Schedule time off you can select a date range in the past to log your vacation, leave, or any time-off type that is set to a date range.

Editing past logs on Teams

Similar to Slack, if you want to edit past logs on Teams, you can use the log command for the date you want to edit. Just make sure you use one of the correct date formats for Teams: YYYYMMDD, today, or yesterday.

Editing past logs on the Report Center

Note: If you are a guest user, the following method isn't available, but you can still edit past logs through Slack or Teams.

You can simply log in to your Report Center and add or edit any of your data. An easy way to get there is by clicking the date of any log NikaTime shows you.

In your Overview, you can then hover over the record you wish to edit, and click the Edit button.

If you are a NikaTime admin for your team, besides editing your own records, you'll be able to edit your teammates'.

You can also click on a log with records to select it and click on the Edit button at the bottom of the page.

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