How NikaTime works?

Just got in NikaTime and you're not sure what you can do? You're on the right place!

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This article will help you understand how Nika works and how your team can benefit from it.

In the first video, we want to show you the benefits of working with NikaTime both for your admins and the team members. NikaTime is super easy to use and requires very low friction from users.

On this other one, we show the view as a user, which shows the report center and how NikaTime works for your team.

Our last video shows the view as an admin, which shows the Team members page, how to configure roles, add/remove admins, and how to make changes to projects. Lastly, we show how you can export NikaTime's data.

As always, feel free to ask questions via Customer Support if you do not understand something specific or need help, we would love to help! ❤️

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