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What is NikaTime?
What's the story behind NikaTime?
What's the story behind NikaTime?

Meet Impossible, the company that built NikaTime out of a hackathon

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Impossible is a design and engineering company that creates innovative products for large tech corporations, while simultaneously incubating our own startups. We have globally distributed teams and studios in San Francisco, London, and Lisbon โ€“ so we're always on the lookout for the right tools for streamlining our work and communication.

Nika is our office manager in the Lisbon studio. On one of our Hackathon Fridays, we decided to build a bot that would automate some of the most tedious chores. One of them was the inglorious task of going from desk to desk asking every single person to log what they were working on, much to everyone's annoyance. That usually happened every time our CFO, in London, would go check the spreadsheets and realize they were half empty. That's how we first built and started using NikaTime, which quickly evolved into an independent venture in its own right.

Check this video we made at the time:

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